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Dvalin Amon Hen, CRX n01, male + Dorian Amon Hen CRX n01, male
born 20.02.2017
father:    SC Eliot Seti Sweet Princess, CZ
mother: GIC Dalmata Okonor
The male is: - 3x dewormed, 2x vaccinated + Rabies vaccination, microchipped - with EUpassport.
in the show condition, for breeding and show, it is also possible for a pet

Dvalin Amon Hen, CRX n01, männlich Dorian Amon Hen CRX n01, mannlich
geb. 20.02.2017
Vater: SC Eliot Seti Sweet Princess, CZ
Mutter: GIC Dalmata Okonor
Kätzchen ist: - 3x entwurmt, 2x geimpft + Tollwutimpfung, mikrochips - mit EUpassport.
für Ausstellungen, für Zucht und Show, ist es auch möglich für ein Pet


Kittens from Czech Republic looking for a new home


Our cattery is happy to announce that on February 11th, 2016
our Brejdy had a litter of 4 beautiful kittens,
2 boys and 2 little girls.
They are all n 01-black van.
Parents are Brejdy c 01 and Seti n 01.
Good luck to our feline babies

May 31st, 2015

My kitty love Tomišek saw the sunrise for the last time.

At 10 a.m. his heart stopped and Tomišek left us to sleep forever with his cat friends.
Tomišek, you enriched our lives and you will be forever in our hearts!

May 23rd, 2015

Iriska's new family came to pick her up. Her new home is in the Northern Bohemia in Ústí nad Labem.
She was awaited by her new feline friends and a little girl. Iriska is a temperamental kitten that, I’m sure, will soon establish her leading position. Because of the possibility of breeding her, we are looking forward to seeing her kittens.
We are sending our regards to her new family!

May 5th, 2015

Our kitty boy went to his new home in Walnut Creek in Northern Bohemia as a pet.
His new mom, nice and sweet lady Petra,came very excited. She wanted Ibísek as soon as possible. The little fellow settled in his new home. He lives like a Pasha's.
We‘re sending our greetings !


Our kittens are growing up . Our veterinarian came over and he vaccinated both kittens. /Other vaccination and microchipping will be done at the end of April/.

Their coats are getting curly. Ibísek is bigger than his sister Iriska who is more delicate, but has thicker hair. They're very active, running around, but they are also cuddly and playful kitties. It is great to see how their future families are looking forward to have them. My goal is to breed healthy and happy kittens and find them loving homes. So far I was able to do that.




Happy Easter!


We took our old timer Tomišek on April 11th. and April 12th 2015 to the MVK show in Brno .Tomisek, who is 11 year old, looked great. His fur was thick and beatiful white. I brushed his coat every day very gently to prepare him for the exhibition so he would look his best. We wanted him to compete as a veteran, because he has already won a price in this group. At the end I never mailed the application.
Unfortunately, we discovered that he had a tiny lump on his upper lip. We made an appoitment at the Veterinary Clinic with Mrs. MVDr. Jana Lorenzové, who previously operated on him with good results. His second surgery was on April 1st, 2015. The blood test came out positive again. We brought him home the next day. Tomišek only had 2 stitches on the right cheek, but otherwise felt fine. Week later we took him back to remove the stitches. His X-RAY was OK, his lungs were clean. Unfortunately, they found that he has asthma . Sometimes he has difficulty with coughing.
We keep our fingers crossed that he will live many more years!


Finally two baby kittens arrived on February 5th, 2015. Little girl Iris, was 112 grams and little boy Ibísek was 120 grams. The news about their birth went right to Ústí nad Labem and Lovosice, where their birth was eagerly awaited by their future families.
Good luck and good health to our little kittens!


Everything is completely different breeding in our kennel. Our Brejdy c 01 lilac van waiting kittens around 6. 2. 2015. Father is a beautiful black and white cat Eliot Seti n 01- black van kennel Amon

December 22, 2014 Tomik was 11 years and 29 January 2015 will have Dačinka 10 years.
Happy birthday our caressing!

10. 10. 2014

Our Demi has successfully undergone the same surgery as her dad Tomíšek . She was also castrated at the Veterinary Clinic in Brno by a veterinarian Dr. Lorencová. So once again it is time for recovery, monitoring and care. Demi, ten days after her surgery, is again lively and happy pet and that makes us happy too.

20. 9. 2014

Where are our cats :)
Dačinka h 03 - classy and elegant cat lady is living with me and my husband. Her daughter Brejdy c01 , who loves to climb up high, walk on top of the door or windows , who disliked exhibitions and always twisted her body also lives with us. She's our lovely lady.

Another couple of cats Tomíšek ds 03 and his daughter Demi f 03 settled at our daughter Magda and Robert’s apartment. So now everybody is happy.

15. 9. 2014

We are ending our breeding Kennel Cornish rex. All our cats are castrated and will live with us as pets. We had many kittens from them. We loved and cared for them and we ensured that they went to loving homes in our country and abroad. Breeding cats is not easy, and if you give it your all, it requires a lot of love, time, effort and money. We bought the first kitten - Tomiška in March 2004, 10 years ago. So I think now is the time to have all our cats live happily just as pets.


We are letting all our fans know that we are planning to breed our cats Brejdy and Demmi in spring – summer of this year. We are expecting a litter of new kittens in fall. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the kitty babies. Both Brejdy - c 01 and Demmi f 03 have an excellent international pedigree. Their ancestors are award winning felines.
The stud is a black bi-color Adwinek n 03, who also has an international pedigree. He is from Northern part of Czech republic and his owner is Veronika Křimská . We don't have kittens often, the last litter was born in June 2013
That's why this new addition is exceptional. Also this litter will come from the same connection as the last year when two beautiful boys, bicolored and harlekyn were born.
Interested buyers can contact us at: or see more at our web site


In early October our little boys Chris and Charlie went to their new homes. Both are now part of young families , Charlie in Brno and Chris in Prague. We are thankful to the new owners for information regarding their assimilation in their new homes and how their furs are getting more curly and how they love to cuddle.
We wish all the best, lots of happiness and enjoyment.


In last few months there have been some significant changes in our Cattery. Our male cat Tic Tac NI*Pendragons/ Tomisek is no longer used for breeding, but he will always be our cuddly ,beautiful cat with georgeous fur and a great personality. He will be 10 years old this year. He is still very active and loves to play with our cats and kittens.

Our female cat Dacinka will be 9 next January. She is lovely and elegant little lady from Holand from Cobi Colhorn. We love her beautiful eyes. Both Tobisek and Dacinka gave us amazing kittens so they fulfilled all our expectations. Now is the time for us to love them and cuddle with them. All their kittens are in good homes with loving and carring owners. This was always the goal of our Breeding Catery.


Cattery is offering two male kittens born on June 28th, 2013. Chris a 02 and Charlie a 03.
Both parents Brejdy and Adwin have an excellent international Pedigree. Both kittens can be bred or just be your pets, which we preffer. They will be ready for a pick up in October 2013. They will be vaccinated and dewormed, they will have a chip and their Europassport. You will also get their Pedigree and your purchase agreement. We will give you their favorite toys, their blankets and some goodies. We will gladly help you with our advise and experience. Both kittens will be housewarmed and, of course, they will be used to a lot of cuddling. More information is available at , e-mail:


Finally, the stork came to our house :)

In the afternoon hours on Friday June 28th, our Brejdy gave birth to two beautiful male kittens. We are very happy!
So now , after 3 years, we have once again blue-white bicolors.
Brejdy did an excelent job delivering her babies and now we are just really happy that all went well.
The „boys“ are doing well, their names are Charlie and Chris.


Our Brejdy is expecting kittens in July (her mate was Adwink from Novy Bor). If you are interested, please contact us at e-mail: or call our cell phone 777 662-180.

Picture of CORNISH REX breed in the magazine NASE KOCKY 6 -2013
As usual we purchased this magazine and we were surprised to see our Brejdy on the cover of this magazine. We read about the history, the origin of these cats, their personality and most of all about CRX living in the Czech republic.

We looked at beautiful pictures of cats and kittens not only from our Breeding Station, but also from the first station in Czech republic NI*Pendragon..

We appreciate that our cats were pictured in this magazine as representatives of this wonderful breed.


MVK in Brno, hotel Avanti

In early May 2013 we participated with our male cat Tic Tac NI*Pendragon in this event. Tomik received a BIS in the „veteran class“ . He received a Golden cup and granules from Royal Canin. We also went to see our photographer Mr. Zdeněk Gorgoň and he took some great pictures for us.


We are letting all our fans know that we are planning to breed our cats Brejdy and Demmi in the near future. We are expecting a litter of new kittens during the month of June 2013 and we are looking forward. .Both Brejdy - c 01 and Demmi f 03 have an excellent international pedigree. Their ancestors are award winning felines.
The stud is a black bi-color Adwinek n 03, who also has an international pedigree. He is from Northern part of Czech republic and his owner is Veronika Krimska. We don't have kittens often, the last litter was born in September 2010. That's why this new addition is exceptional.
Interested buyers can contact us at: or see more at our web site



Saying goodbye to our dear little snowman Xilian is hard to do.

It is hard to find words to describe our feelings. Little Xilian joined our family in October 2012. He was with us during Christmas and New Year's celebration and he watched the fireworks with us. He watched the snow flakes fall down and birds gathering in nearby tree. He got excited when he saw flies behind the window basking in the spring sun. He tried to catch them with his paws.....
In the hot summer days he loved to sleep in the shade on our balcony, cooling his body on the tile floor.
We got him for our two female cats Brejdy and Demmi. They were always together. Xili was already acting as a male cat, but Brejdy put him in his place by slapping him with her paw. The day Xilian was leaving us, she let him lick her and that was a sign that she accepted his fondness. He was playful with Demmi. They used to chased each other, they loved to chase after mirror reflections. During this time we developed strong feelings for him. He was a beautiful little kitten when he came to us. He adjusted to our schedule and order , he loved our cuddling and he loved to come to our bed at night to lick our ears. He left us as a beautiful and muscular male cat and we will miss him a lot. We will always remember him with love, with a smile on our face. We will talk about the time we spent together.
We were planning on MVK, we were looking forward to have kittens
and we thought that he will stay with us forever.
We are very sad.


Suspension of breeding

Due to an unplanned situation we are advising our friends and supporters that we are
suspending the breeding of our cats.
Our Tom (male cat) Tic Tac NI*Pendragon*s/Tomisek) was already spayed and Xilian , his successor, was returned back to his Breeding station due to his birth defect.
Also our female cat Dutchie Duchesse van Queensland, we call her Dacinka, is no longer available for breeding.



Český svaz chovatelů
MUDr. Marie Říhová
Předsedkyně Ústřední odborné komise chovatelů koček
Praha – Česká republika

Dear Dr. Rihova,

In May 2012 I turned to you with my request for help regarding concealed information about cat Xilian's deafness. He was purchased on 24.11. 2011 as a breeding male from swedish breeding station S*KLELOFTS, owner May Loftunger Klein, a member of swedish club SVERAK. I resigned from this contract due to non-compliance and requested financial settlement.
Per your recommendation I described accurately this situation and sent it back to you for your consideration.
The process took 3 months and then we came to an agreement with the swedish site. During this time we agreed on financial settlement between the seller and buyer. Mr. May Loftunger- Klein received Xilian on 29.9.2012 at the Prague-Ruzyn airport and she took him back to his birthplace at the breeding station in Sweden. I would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation for the way you handled this unpleasant situation. I wouldn't get the same results without your help.

Best regards,
Felklová Dagmar
Breeding cattery GARRET


Matter: Supression of deafness by male kitten XILIAN UDDROZ S*KLELOFTS >>

AA-VET, Medical report - 4.6.2012 >>






XILIAN - snowman - our new white boy.
Xilian has got new loving home within our family in Brno. He comes from Swedish cattery S*KLELOFTS.


In a friendly breeding station named CZECH REX from North Bohemia was born 4 beautiful kittens with very nice colours of their coats. Kittens have excellent pedigree. Two kittens have light colour of coat (male and female) and two kittens have blue-white colour of coat (males). They are waiting for their new families.
More info on website: or e-mail: