We call our tom cat little Tomik.
He was born on 22.12.2003 in the breeding station NL*Pendragon´s in Brno.

He was very affectionat already as a kitten and he stayed this way till today. As a kitten he was also very atole and funny and he always recognized according the tone in our voice what he was or was not alowed. Today he is discreat so he never cause any demage to our house. He is sure-footed-walking strongly and steady sezve through between subjekt like freshwater eel and he doesn´t broke anythink. His nature is amazing and super. He is sociable and want to be in the modele of happening. In the middle of cats family he is very caring and careful.




Father: EC FIN *Windseeker Flying Dutchman WW OO + DM,
CRX n 09, import from Finland

Mother: IC Shal-Mar´s Sangria-Of-Pendragon,
CRX fs,  import from Canada

He had his first exhibition on 6th June 2004 in Brno, where he got an awesome prize - he was the winner of BEST SHOW. We started to participace in all kinds of exhibitions in which he always got some good prize but he did not really feel good dutiny those exhibitions so we limited thein numer. Several times he was nominated,several times he won BEST IN SHOW, the last time in AUSTRIA on MVK in OVEK on 30. 10. 2005. This prize gained in international exhibition and international cat competion with cats from many different foreign countries made us very happy. In less than two years he reached the title GRAND INTER CHAMPION. In June 2006 in Valtice he get CACE. In May 2005 we got him a bride from Holland-Dutchie. sweet little boy

Mother and Father of Tomík with breeder Eric Reijers


My family


Xilian - darling

This beautiful white male cat – we called him little snowman, spent only short time with us, but we fell in love with him. We think about him often and with love. He is back at his birth cattery s*Klelofts in Sweeden.



Father: GIC S*Klelofts Udwin Pirat av Ax,
CRX w 63

Mother: SC S*Klelofts Rozenlila av Archimilians,
CRX j 03 33

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