We would like to introduce our small breeding of Cornish rex.

     First we must say that animals have always been our love. My husband and I first intented to get a tom-cat from a shelter. But everything turned out differently!
Once I was looking through a magasine called „Our cats“ and I was intrigued by a picture of cats of the race called CORNISH REX from the breeding station NL PENDRAGONŚ of Mr. Eric Reijers.

The longer I examined this race the more I felt that this one is the one I would like to get. I was specially intrigued by their long, slim legs, highly placed big ears and by the short curly fur. At that time we began to search intensively for all the information we could find about this race. I don´t know how much time I had spent on the internet looking for information about this race in all diferent kinds of breeding stations in our country. I could not find any so I looked for it in Slovakia and in all neighbouring countries. There were none in Slovakia and just a few in some neighbouring countries.

Toward the end of the year, after an agreement made with Mr.Eric Reijers I visited with him. He just had a litter of newborn kittens in his breeding station.When I saw all these little kittens I was so exited. And when I saw one Red and white male kitten with a white face I knew he was the right one. I had showed a big interest and I started to visit all these kittens reguraly. The more visits I had made the more I was sure that this race was the right one and that my favourite red and white tom-kitten was unique. One day we made an agreement and my favourite tom-kitten obtained a home in our house. It was he who specified the direction of our breeding station. Our little tom-kitten had no problem with adjusting to his new home, everything was fine and he became a good friend with all the family members.

In course of time we bought him all the stuff he would need, and to make him feel good we got him a big cat´s tree. We also put a net on the loggia so that he could have a fowl-run in Summer without any problem.

Whithin a year, after our long search, we found a bride for him in a breeding station owned by Ms COBI COLHORN-HOFMAN Cattery Queensland in HOLLAND ,  and we are planning our first litter. Our goal is to bring up beautiful, healthy and cool kittens. In the Summer we are taking our cats to our Summer settlement – a garden where they are very well safeguarded and satisfied. Our cats have their pedigree certificate and they are healthy- care for by the veterinary, they are vactinated, marked by a chip and without palmers.

 For our new kittens we will be looking for a family in which they will get lots of love and who will provide very good care. We had fallen in love with the race Cornish rex for their lovely and deliberate character, which is suitable especialy for children. We believe that this race will run with us through our whole life and also that their breed will expand in our country. It is their velvet little paws which can touch you so tenderly and their thrum whichmakes you relaxed.


Felklová Dagmar
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Czech Republic
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+420 777 664 180