RACE This race has a pleasant, elegant appearance.

PEDIGREE It belongs to the group of cats with short, curly fur, breeded in Great Britan in south west Cornwall. Their characteristic sign is deliberation. These cats were acknowleged as an independent race in 1950 and this race is interesting for breeding. The first Cornish Rex was brought to our country in 1988 from Finland by Ms. Jana Vichrová.

SIZE Cat of average size. The weight of Cornish Rex is 2,5,-4,5kg.

FUR Extroversive rex with curly, in vertical raws shaped curly fur , provides an unique look. Its fur is short, has no shafts and is very soft. It is very tender to the touch, pleasant and soft - it feels like velvet or silk. The undulance is more remarkable on a back and torso. Whiskers and eyebrows are also curly. All colours are allowed and drawings include combinations with white. Any quantity of white is alowed. 

CARE and ADVANTAGE There is no need, in any manner, for any special care for the fur and you will not find any fur all over the house.This race is appropriate for people with allergies
HEAD The lenght of a head should be about about one third bigger than its maximum width. Towards the chin the head gets narrow. The skull is flat,nose is straight and chin expressive. It has the shape of a middle scotch. Profile is straight from the forehead to the tip of nose.
NOSE is big, straight and expressive
EARS Big ears are domed, located high on the head .They are formed to a rounded point and covered with tender hair.
EYES Eyes have the shape of an almond with bright coulour which has to correspond to the colour of the fur. This is very highly rated at the judgment.

BODY. Is small, even medium large, muscular, slender with delicate skeleton. The back is a bit domed. The chest is very well developed.

LEGS The Cornish Rex stands on very slim, high legs. The paw pillowes are also high. It gives the impression that the cat is walking on air pillows. The paws are very charming. The back legs are longer than the front legs. Overall it gives the impression of a high - legged cat.

Cornish rex has a resemblance to the greyhound and this is even pointed out by the vivacious character of the Cornich rex race. This race is very a funny acrobat. He is very neat and pemper.

TAIL. Long, slim,elegant a little bit rounded on the end, covered with curly thick fur.
CHARACTER: Its characteristic sign is discreatnes.